4 Steps to Packing Your Shipments

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Properly packing your shipments will help avoid damage and delays. Below are a few steps to assure a successful shipment.

  1. Match the box to the proper size and weight of the item being shipped. Try to use heavier doublewall boxes for the heavier items. If reusing a previously-used box, remove all labels and be sure there are no holes, tears, or large dents. These defects will weaken the carton significantly.
  2. Select the proper cushioning materials for the item. It is recommended that you use 3″ on all sides. Polystyrene “peanuts” are effective for lightweight items. Bubble wrap is commonly used, as well. Polyurethane foam is better for intermediate-to-heavy items. Pay particular attention to sharp edges and corners. These need extra cushioning to prevent them from puncturing the carton.
  3. Label the box properly. Select the largest surface, if possible. Be sure the markings are legible and that the ink will not smear. For pouches, peel off the label and seal the flap.
  4. Seal the box with at least three strips of 2″ wide packing tape. Do not use duct tape or masking tape. Cover all seams, top and bottom.

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