Things You Need When Having a Document Notarized

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Having a document notarized is an easy process as long as you bring all the right items along.  Below is a list of what you will need for the process to go smooth.
1.  The Document
Make sure you don’t forget what you want notarized!  Check to make sure that you have the whole document filled out completely except for your signature.  Don’t sign till you get to the notary, or else they can’t do their job.
2.  ID
In order to verify your identify you must bring a valid ID to the notary.  This is how they protect against fraud, which is important for sensitive financial documents.  Types of ID acceptable are driver’s license, state issued identification cards, and passports.
3.  Notary’s Payment/Fee
Fees vary depending on the state.
4. Reliable Witnesses
In the event that you do not have an approved ID it is still possible to have the document notarized. You will need to bring two individuals that know you personally. They need to possess current approved IDs and be willing to sign as your witnesses.

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