The Top Reasons to Ship your Luggage

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Having your luggage shipped, rather than carrying it yourself, is becoming more and more popular.  Below are the top reasons that travelers are choosing this service.
1.  You don’t have to haul heavy bags to and from the Airport
Traveling can be stressful, don’t let luggage be part of it.  If you’re traveling with large items such as sporting equipment, sending your luggage ahead to your destination can make your airport experience easier!
2.  Save time at the Airport
When you ship your luggage ahead, you can skip the long lines at the airport and head straight to your gate.
3.  Avoid Checked Baggage Fees
Don’t get caught paying unpredictable baggage fees at the airport.  You can travel with the knowledge that your luggage is on its way to your destination with no extra fees.
 4.  No more Lost Luggage
Have you ever had lost luggage?  Its no fun.  When you ship your luggage, you know it won’t get lost!

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