Hotel Pickup

Hotel Pickup Service on the South Shore at Lake Tahoe

Pickup Services from your hotel.

Whether you forgot something or have extra things to ship home we've got you covered. We can ship your bag, skis, laptop, or treasures you found here. It's what we do!

The Process

  1. Call us, let us know where you items are, the shipping address, and payment information
  2. We pickup the item(s) from your hotel (remember to notify the hotel that we are coming)
  3. We quote the shipment and email you three shipping options.
  4. We ship the items once we have heard back from you on the shipping option that works best for you.
    In case we don't hear back, after 3 days we will use the most cost-efficient method.


Do I have to provide packaging for my shipment?

No, we will package it securely and ship it to your home or hotel.


Can I ship more than one item?

Absolutely, we will package all of your belongings securely in one box or multiple boxes depending on the items left.


How do I know my belongings are safe?

Mtn Postal Pack & Ship probably has a relationship with your hotel or vacation rental team. We value those relationships and our reputation. We also have countless 5-star reviews from happy customers. In fact, please leave a review after you get your items. In any case here are a few from Google....

Very helpful & kind in resolving our issue of leaving an item behind at our air B & B! – Alana Smith


My husband and I went up to Lake Tahoe to celebrate our anniversary and stayed in a hotel in S. shore. We got all the way home, a 3 1/2 hour drive, and realized we had left my duffle bag full of electronics and other important things. Needless to say, I was very upset. I called the hotel and they found my bag and advised me of [Mtn Postal Pack and Ship]. I called them and spoke to Bob and arranged for him to retrieve my bag of goodies pack and ship it to me. I was skeptical that I would get everything back, and imagined it would take some time and thought it would be costly. Bob proved me wrong! I received ALL of my contents, in a timely manner and it was much less expensive than I thought. Thanks Bob for your outstanding customer service, I recommend you for sure! – Janet C


I left some items at my hotel; Mtn Postal got them back to me quickly and for much less than I expected. The lady who assisted me was very kind and helpful. Thank you!! – Lindsey Mitchell


The hotel [where] we stayed [dropped off] our jacket to here. The staff was welcoming and could send me a picture to confirm the item to be shipped! We received our item with a reasonable price! Really appreciate the service. One minor suggestion is probably to set a Venmo or PayPal biz profile to accept the payment online. – M

What if my item is lost or damaged in transit?

Depending on the carrier, most shipments come with $100 of insurance. If you require more insurance please let us know (cash and/or checks are not insurable).

Have A Question About Our Hotel Pickup Service?

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